Canyoning is a super fun, fresh and exciting activity developed for those seeking both adventure and to challenge themselves. On this trip you can make your heart leap while you test your fear of heights.  This trip is best suited to active persons.

The canyoning tour follows the last section of the Festa Canyon where the water from Trollheimen and Gjevilvatnet follow down to join the Driva River. We travel down the canyon to where it steepens and cascades into the Driva River. You will not find more dramatic and spectacular canyoning in the country!

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The meeting point is Breesgård Camping, for registration, payment and equipment. The tour begins will the walk down to Gardshølen, the most exciting canyon formation we could find in Oppdal.We make our way down the canyon with several different elements. There is a natural rock water slide you have to try, cliff jumps of varied heights, via ferrata, and abseiling. The trip ends down by the Driva river, where you can take a refreshing dip under the canyon you just traveled down. Cool, don’t ya think?

Gardshølen i Festa

By choosing this trip you accept coming on a tour that includes exposed cliffs and canyon formations, jumping from a range of heights, a 20 m long abseil through/down  a waterfall, swimming, sliding, climbing and the risks of walking down tight canyon formations. In addition, there is a demanding uphill walk back to the starting point at Breesgård Camping.

Bring running or hiking shoes, wool/polypropylene long underwear, bathing suit, and a water bottle.

3 hours
10:00 and 14:00 monday- sunday
May- October
12 years
from 840 nok per person

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