Opplev Oppdal offers three different rafting trips on the Driva River; the Normal, the Family, and the Gråura expert tours. These tours are categorized by difficulty grade and have corresponding minimum age requirements. All of these tours are a memorable outdoor experience with exciting rapids and beautiful scenery.

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Normal Rafting Tour

This is a diverse and exciting rafting trip suitable to first timers and thrill seekers alike. The trip begins on relatively calm water and the difficulties increase as you paddle down the river. You will experience a variety of exciting rapids including Pyramid Rock, Hakka, Ålma Drop, Shark’s Mouth, Flip Hole, Gyda’s Rock, Bridge Rock and the Beach Boys.  You can even try cliff jumping on this tour.

Ca 14 km, 3 hr total. Grade 2- 4 water level dependent
Minimum age requirement: 13 when Grade 3 and accompanied by a parent, 15 when Grade 3/4, 18 at high water levels. Participants must be able to swim and be of normal, good health. No previous experience required.

Departures:  10:30 and 14:00
To bring: wool socks, running shoes, wool or polypropylene long underwear, swimsuit and towel
We supply: long john wetsuit pants and jackets, life jackets and helmets

Offered from May – middle of September.

Family Tour

The family rafting tour is a gentle tour through the historical Driva Valley (ca. 4 km). After meeting at the Rafting Center, we get changed, have safety briefing and learns how to paddle. The tour begins as a gentle float with small interspersed waves. The biggest rapids come in the end!

We allow as much swimming as possible, depending on the water level, temperature and desires of the participants. A cliff jump is offered when water levels allows it. Bring the whole family, no previous experience required!

Ca 4 km, 2 hrs total
Wetsuit sizes 116-xl
This is the tour for school trips when the students are under the age of 15.

Departure: 10:30
To bring: wool socks, running shoes, wool or polypropylene long underwear, swimsuit and towel


This tour offers rafting at its highest difficulty (grade 4-5); the ultimate raft trip for the experienced rafter.  The tour follows the dramatic canyon between Ishoel to Liahjell and contains unique and difficult rapids. This section of river is technically demanding rafting with challenging lines – but is an unbelievably rewarding adventure. After a challenging warm-up you arrive at the the first major rapid, The Sphincter, your first test!. This rapid somewhat resembles the barrel rafting scene from The Hobbit.

Minimum age requirement: 18
Departure: 10:30 everyday except Saturday.

Only available at lower water levels, normally around the end of July/beginning of August. Due to water levels this tour may not be available every season.

Minimum 8 participants per departure. Participants must have previous rafting experience, be able to swim and be of normal, good health.