Ziplining is a spectacular activity, with regards to both natural setting and experience. Located in Wilderness Camp, the ziplining wires hang over the Driva River near the Vengavollhølen rapids. We send you soaring above the river canyon along a 140 meter long steel cable, 30 meters above the river. The return trip is similar cable that goes diagonally back to the starting point, this trip can make your heart jump.

Participants ride the zipline one at a time and are under guide supervision the whole time. Everyone receives a climbing harness and safety equipment before having a safety briefing.

Want to try it? Contact us to arrange your booking.

Ziplining takes ca. 1 hour and is suitable for all! This is an experience based activity that is not physically demanding. We recommend the zipline for those who are looking for an activity that is both exciting and possible for all to try. Participants must be able to walk up the stairs to the starting point and approximately 200 m along a trail.

Climbing harness size S-XL. Weight limit of ca. 120 kg.

Available year round.

A group activity. For larger groups ziplining can be arranged as an activity own its own. This activity is often used for courses and conferences, as to add a short activity into a full program. Can also be combined with other activities in Wilderness Camp.