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For 30 years, Opplev Oppdal has provided activities such as rafting, canyoning, zipline park, and team building in the Wilderness Camp!

Experience the water

The river Driva originates in the surrounding mountains and flows through Oppdal. This provides many opportunities for fun on the water! Our guides know this mighty river like the back of their hand and will gladly show you the best places to raft, jump, swim and paddle. You can enjoy exciting and fun experiences in safe surroundings. We offer a mix of action-packed and calm water-based activities.

Experience unity

We offer activities at our wilderness camp to create good relationships in social gatherings. You can experience various team building activities regardless of age or number. The key is working together, thinking outside the box and perhaps arguing a little to reach agreement. These activities are designed to bring out the competitive instinct and take commitment to new heights!

Experience the air

Jump off the platform and feel the excitement in the incredible landscape. Our zipline park at the wilderness camp consists of eight ziplines of various heights and lengths. You can enjoy the view of beautiful mountain landscape as you fly over the river. Maybe it’s time to challenge your fear of heights in a safe way!

Experience the mountains

Oppdal is surrounded by beautiful mountains and famous peaks. In the summertime, the mountains are an Eldorado for outdoor enthusiasts. In winter, we run ice climbing courses as well as avalanche safety courses for those wishing to learn more about safe travel in avalanche prone terrain. Experience mastery and excitement in our mountain landscape!

Wilderness camp - The place for good experiences

Our Wilderness Camp is located 5 km from the center of Oppdal in the forest by the river Driva. Well hidden in the terrain, you will find several houses with different uses, inspired by old building customs. Here you get a cozy atmosphere in rough surroundings, surrounded by forest, river and mountains. The camp is open all year round and in total we have an area of approximately 100 acres to frolic around. Both Opplev Oppdal Zipline Park and the arena for team building are located in Villmarksleiren.

With a new sanitary building, Villmarksleiren will also be a meeting place for rafting trips from 2023.