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About us

For 30 years, Opplev Oppdal has provided activities such as rafting, canyoning, zipline park, and team building in the Wilderness Camp!

Our history

Opplev Oppdal was founded in 1989 by Finn, Britt and Jon. They were all coaches and instructors in sports and outdoor life with a love of nature, outdoor life and tourism and were highly motivated to create something new and exciting. The slogan “There is an Amundsen in all of us” summed up the concept of getting people out to experience nature in a playful way. They had discovered rafting and bought a boat to test out the concept. This marked the start of Opplev Oppdal.

With the aim of offering a more complete experience, the first building, Gamma, was built in 1989, followed soon after by the Stolpehuset, which was used for dining, teaching and cosiness. The meeting place in the beautiful and wild forest on the banks of the river Driva is now called the Wilderness Camp. In the early days, many were sceptical about paying for guided nature-based experiences. However, with a new generation, the interest in buying exciting activities with competent guides increased.

With inspiration from the USA, the range of activities on offer grew with axe throwing, archery, canyoning, rock climbing, ice climbing, ski touring and more. The focus has always been on offering activities to everyone, regardless of group size, age and level. This is how Opplev Oppdal became one of the first companies to offer raw nature-based experiences – and the very first in Norway to offer guided canyoning experiences!

Today, Opplev Oppdal is a cornerstone company in tourism with more than 30 years’ experience providing nature-based adventures. In 2017, Emily Bakker and Andreas Wenk took over the company. With a solid background in outdoor life and guiding, the couple is proudly taking Opplev Oppdal into the future by sticking to its core – unforgettable experiences with expert guiding and instruction.

Who are we?
Opplev Oppdal consists of experienced outdoor enthusiasts who wish to share exciting activities in Norwegian nature. We look forward to taking you on unforgettable trips that create life-long memories. We focus on the nature-based experience while respecting the forces of nature. Our team consists of competent and passionate guides who know the area and the environment in which they work.

Our guides are highly competent and are qualified in rafting, canyoning, climbing, winter activities, unity and general outdoor life. By combining local knowledge and international experience, we comply with national and international requirements in the various activities we offer when it comes to safety and instruction.

What do we do?
Opplev Oppdal offers exciting activities and team building exercises. We customise nature-based experiences to suit everyone – young or old, individuals or groups. Our most popular activities are white-water rafting, canyoning and ziplining. You can book a tour with family and friends, or a full-service package offer for stag parties, larger companies or school classes, which can last from one day to a long weekend. In collaboration with our hotel and tourism partners, we offer overall experiences of high quality. We guarantee memorable trips in safe surroundings, so everyone dares to step outside their comfort zone and test their personal limits.

Wilderness camp

- the place for excitement and mastery
Our wilderness camp is situated in the forest on the banks of the river Driva, 5 km from the centre of Oppdal. You will find several buildings inspired by old building customs well hidden in the terrain. Enjoy a warm atmosphere in a rustic setting surrounded by the forest, river and mountains. The wilderness camp covers an area of 10 hectares and is open year-round. The Opplev Oppdal Zipline Park and the arena for teambuilding are situated at the wilderness camp.

With the completion of the new sanitary building, rafting trips will depart from the wilderness camp from 2023.