Wilderness Camp

In Wilderness camp we make a fun experience for everyone, using team building activities to create unforgettable experiences. We have programs for companies, school groups, families, bachelor parties, and friend get-togethers. Wilderness Camp is open year round!

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Outdoor Tournament

This is a group competition where team building and competitive drive blossoms! This tournament is for those wanting a socially engaging activity. This activity is well-suited to bachelor/bachelorette parties and groups of friends, as well as school groups and company tours.

The Outdoor Tournament is arranged as a round-trip through the forest. The activities have been placed in stations along this loop. A guide will take you through the stations and assign points to the winning team along the way. Activities include Labyrinth, Giant Puzzle Game, Ax Throwing, Bow and Arrows, Moon Walk, Domino and Crate Stabling.


Looking for a location for your get-togheter before or after your activities. There is a large lean-to in Wilderness camp that is perfect for your BBQ or social gathering.

The Gapahuktunet is a large lean-to with a grill, fireplace, table and covered sleeping area. This can be rented both for BBQs and as accommodation. Suited for up to 30 people. Here you are for yourselves!

There is also water, power and two modern outhouse.

Wilderness camp is a forested area located beside the Driva River. The total area is 10 hectares. Since 1989 we have worked together with Nerviken to offer a range of activities and accommodation at Wilderness Camp.


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