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Team work

Teamwork is the key to a successful company. We have therefore, created an activity program using practical tasks where teamwork is the central theme.  These activities take place at our Wilderness Camp, but we can also bring this program to you (if suitable area available).

Outdoor Tournament

The outdoor tournament is a social and engaging activity where creativity and team work is central.  The Outdoor Tournament is arranged as a round-trip through the forest and the activities have been placed in stations along this loop. The outdoor tournaments is suitable for groups of 5 to 150, and will focus on purely teamwork (min 5 participants) or teamwork with a group competitions (min 8 participants).  This activity can be arranged year round- the forest tour can be an experience in itself. Length 2 hr.


For company groups we suggest rafting as a pure team building activity. The participants get an individual experience while feeling as they are a part of a team.  It is satisfying to be able to do something completely different together.

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