Program for School Trips


Opplev Oppdal offers activities of school trips. The activities take place at Wilderness Camp and the Rafting Center.

Activity Combo Day at Wilderness Camp

A Wilderness Camp day with Outdoor Tournament, activity round and Zipline is social, engaging, fun and exciting… It is a day where everyone thrives and can take on personal challenges. We use an outdoor area at Wilderness Camp in Oppdal. There are several activity facilities and exciting team activities for the students. The is no exclusion here, only inclusion!  pp

Accommodation for School Trips

We cooperate with Wilderness Camp and Imi Stølen to provide accommodation options for school groups.

Transport for School Trips

If you are traveling to Oppdal by train, we can both pick you up and bring you back to the train station (price 50 kr per person). We will drive you to and from the activities, at the Rafting Center and Wilderness Camp, and your accommodation (price 50 kr per person).  A complete price will be given once your program and accomodation is decided. 

Contact us to arrange your booking.