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Terms and Conditions

Cancellation and/or Changes
No refunds given for cancellations for bookings made online
Eventual changes to dates and times can be arranged up to 14 days before the booked activity. The new chosen date cannot be greater than 60 days from the original date. 
Changes that affect the final sum made less than 7 days prior to activity will be charged in full. Changes includes, but not limited to, reduction in number of participant (payment for all participants), change of chosen activity (price difference), and type of participant (child vs adult).

General conditions
Online bookings must be registered a minimum of 6 hours before the activity´s start time to guarantee the tour. 
For large group bookings, a security deposit  of 15% of the total sum is required. This deposit is non-refundable.

Changes in the number of participants must be done a minimum 7 days before the start of the event. 
Opplev Oppdal reserves the right to change or cancel tours under unfavourable conditions which include, but are not limited to, weather and river conditions. In such cases, prepaid bookings will be refunded in full. 
Opplev Oppdal reserves the right to refuse customers that do not follow its guidelines and/or act in a way that impedes the safety of its guests and employees. This includes refusing customers under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol. Customers refused participation due to the influence of alcohol or drugs will not be refunded and are required to pay their booking in full.



Privacy Policy Guidelines
The privacy statement informs about how Opplev Oppdal collects and uses personal data.
This privacy statement was published on 08.03.2024.
The privacy statement informs about how Opplev Oppdal collects and uses personal data.

Opplev Oppdal, by the managing director, is responsible for the processing of personal data. Where daily responsibility is delegated, it is specified under each point. The delegation includes only tasks and not responsibility.

In this statement, we explain which personal data we process, how we process these, and something about the purpose of the processing.
The statement contains information you are entitled to when information is collected from our website (the Personal Data Act § 19) and general information about collection, storage, and use of personal data (the Personal Data Act §18 1st paragraph).

1.0 Processing of personal data on
Opplev Oppdal has the daily responsibility for the processing of personal data on our websites, unless otherwise stated. It is voluntary for those who visit the website to provide personal data in connection with contact forms, for example, by sending us inquiries via contact form or email. The basis for processing is consent from the individual, unless otherwise specified.

Web statistics

Opplev Oppdal collects anonymized and de-identified information about visitors on The purpose of the collection is to prepare statistics that are used to improve and further develop content on the website. Examples of the information collected are:

how visitors use the website, how many visit the different pages, how long the visit lasts, and which browsers are used.

The information is treated in a de-identified and aggregated form. By de-identified, we mean that we cannot trace the information we collect back to the individual user. We collect the entire IP address, but the IP address is automatically anonymized by removing parts of the IP address and replacing it with a new code. By aggregated level, it means that all data is combined into a group and that data is not processed individually.

Opplev Oppdal uses the analysis tool of Google Inc (“Google”) on its website, and the information is stored at Google. Information from this tool is not shared with other actors.

2.0 Cookies
What is a cookie?
Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer, phone, or tablet when you visit a website. Cookies help the website remember your settings (such as username, language, text size, and other preferences) for a certain period. Cookies are also used to improve functionality, to gather information for analysis purposes, or for marketing purposes.

How do we use Cookies?
We use cookies to gather information about how the website is used. We do this through Google Analytics, which is a tool for web analysis from Google. The information is stored on servers in the USA. The cookies collect information about which pages are visited, how long a visit lasts, the number of visits to the website, and what the source of the visit is (for example, Google Search). We also use cookies to look at user behavior, like clicks on links, clicks to blog articles, submission of contact forms, or registration for courses.

Your IP address is anonymized before it is sent to Google Analytics, and the information sent contains no information that can identify you as a user. Therefore, we cannot track actions back to the individual user but analyze the use of the website at an overall level.

With the help of cookies, our website collects information for later advertising (Remarketing). An anonymized identity is stored in separate lists that are used for targeted advertising based on your user behavior on the net. In addition to the information being anonymized (de-identified), there is a requirement for a certain number of users on the lists before the lists are used.

All browsers allow you to limit cookie behavior or to disable them through the browser settings. The browser also lets you see which cookies are stored on your computer, and to delete individual cookies or remove them all together. You will find a link further down the page on how to do this.

With opt-out, you have blocked the uploading of cookies on your computer. You can read more about Google’s policy for the use of personal data here:

You can opt out of Google’s use of cookies for advertising through Google’s page on advertising and privacy:

If you do not wish to be tracked, you can disable the use of cookies (opt-out) on your machine via the browser, you do this here:

Use of Facebook Pixel: Tracking on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger Instant Articles, and Audience Network. Facebook owns Instagram, Messenger, Instant Articles, and Audience Network, so the use of Facebook Pixel covers these channels as well.

A Facebook Pixel is a plug-in or software placed on our website that collects information for Facebook. The pixel gathers information from the cookies in your browser and sends it back to Facebook, where the information is aggregated with data from your Facebook profile.

The collected information can be related to your user behavior (demographic data like age, gender, interests) or actions you perform such as clicking on links. The information is only available on an anonymized and aggregated level. The information is used for analysis purposes, targeted advertising based on your user behavior (remarketing), and also to identify target audiences for advertising that have a profile similar to yours, thus potentially having a similar pattern of behavior or needs.

Information collected via the Facebook pixel is stored from 90 days to 2 years and is kept on servers at Facebook in the USA.

In the context of advertising, Facebook will, in most cases, be the data controller. However, there are some exceptions:

Use of Facebook Lead Ads, a tool for collecting email addresses via Facebook pages, where both Facebook and Opplev Oppdal will be data controllers. If Opplev Oppdal uses this tool, information about the user’s rights will be clearly stated in the advertisement where the user voluntarily submits their personal data.

Uploading existing email lists for targeted advertising on Facebook. If Opplev Oppdal uses this tool, it will only be directed at potential customers who have voluntarily given their consent for this.

3.0 Transfer of personal data
Opplev Oppdal may, in connection with the facilitation of our services, use a booking platform on which personal data is collected to ensure efficient execution of the services. The information collected via our booking platform is essential for maintaining our operational standards and security requirements. It is hereby confirmed that the transfer of personal data to third parties does not involve selling this information. This system assists in the management of reservations, schedules, and other critical components of the business, while ensuring the highest degree of confidentiality and security for your information.

It is further made known that electronic communication may occur, including the sending of emails with confirmations of reservations and marketing-related information regarding our services. If the receipt of such marketing communication is not desired, the option to unsubscribe is offered by following the unsubscribe instructions provided in the relevant emails, or by direct contact with us. Your privacy preferences are considered of high importance, and we commit to respecting your decisions regarding the handling of communication preferences.

4.0 Rights
You have the right to access personal data about you and how it is processed. You also have the right to have the information corrected, deleted, or to limit the processing of the personal data in accordance with the Personal Data Act.

The processing of personal data is based on consent, and you may withdraw consent at any time.

If you believe Opplev Oppdal has not complied with your rights in accordance with the Personal Data Act, you have the right to complain to the relevant supervisory authority, which in Norway is the Norwegian Data Protection Authority. You can find their contact information on their website