Hopp til innholdet

In progress:


  • Uploaded a sitemap.xml to the website. It can be seen  here


  • Changed ProductID field from the booking system from using the "Booking link" field to a separate "Booking System ProductID" field.


  • Changed text alignment in the home page cards from bottom to top;
  • Fixed alignment of "Contact Us" button in the product page.


  • Issue of "Duplicate, Google chose different canonical than user": Currently made each page generate a <link rel="canonical" href="..." /> in the <head> of the HTML page. Where href="..." is the address of the current page the user is on. This is called a self-referencing canonical tag, and the idea is to tell google that each page is it's own unique "main" page, and not a copy of another page.


  • Added page for new category "Gavekord/Gift Card"


  • Uploaded an older version of the website theme (3.2.5), which allowed the removal of the copyright text at the bottom of the page that said: "Neve | Powered by WordPress";
  • Added the Tripadvisor award image + link in the footer;
  • Added a page for the new category "Gift card”/”Gavekort", but it is still not finished.